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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Burial of Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotis (Video)

Below is video of the burial of Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotis three days after his death. Some say a miracle takes place at about the two minute mark when Fr. Justin, the Chancellor of the Metropolis of Florina, lifts the softened arm of Metropolitan Augoustinos and has him do the sign of the Cross. The softness of the body of the Metropolitan was first noticed by an Athonite monk when he saw a child lift the arm of the Metropolitan. According to Fr. Nektarios Moulatsiotis, all were astonished and with "open mouths" when they saw this, since they see in this a sign of holiness.

I don't know enough about dead bodies to confirm if this is really a miracle, since from my knowledge rigor mortis begins to reverse itself usually on the third day after death and the dead body does become tender and softened. Despite this however, the Metropolitan is a holy man and if it is God's will to confirm this to the people in the future then it will happen.

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