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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Tour of Panagoulakis Hermitage in Kalamata

Many thanks to my sister Vaso and my mother for taking this rare video footage of the Hermitage of Panagoulakis in Kalamata, Greece. My mother is from Kalamata and was baptized in this Monastery in 1955. In these videos pilgrims tell the story of Elder Elias Panagoulakis (+ 1917) and how he founded this Monastery, and my sister is able to descend into the cave of Elder Elias, where he lived his life in strict asceticism, and they venerate his holy skull. Stories are also told of Haralambi the Fool for Christ, whom my mother knew and was a regular visitor to the Monastery. More will be said on these two holy personalities in future posts. It should be kept in mind, if anyone happens to visit, that this Monastery is currently Old Calendarist and not in communion with the Church of Greece.

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