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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Papoulakis: A Pictorial of St. Joachim of Ithaca

"Papoulakis", Saint Joachim of Vatopaidi and Ithaka (Feast Day - March 2 and May 23)

Kalyvia, the birthplace of Saint Joachim.

The basement where Saint Joachim's step mother would often confine him as a child and abused him.

Saint Barbara Church, built by Papoulakos in the village of Stavros.

The skoufi of Papoulakos, treasured by the family of K. Ravtopoulos in Avogi, Ithaka.

A triptych icon Papoulakis gave as a gift and now in possession by the family of Mr. Spyridon Pavlatos.

A letter written by Saint Joachim.

Papoulakis' holy relics upon their discovery.

The washing of Papoulakis' relics after their transfer.

From the first celebration of Saint Joachim's feast day.

The venerable skull of Papoulakis.

The tomb of St. Joachim, behind the Holy Altar of the Holy Church of Saint Barbara. It is shadowed by a tree he planted with his own hands.

The authorization of Saint Joachim's canonization.

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