March 15, 2010

Fr. Theodore Zisis: Orthodoxy In America

The following lecture is in Greek by Fr. Theodore Zisis in which he examines the history of Orthodoxy in America as well as the happenings and way of life of contemporay American Orthodoxy from a traditionalist Orthodox perspective.

His main thesis deals with how the Greek bishops of America were "liberalizing" Orthodoxy in America and thus were bringing it down in its spiritual level, and how the only answer to restoring Orthodox to their authentic roots which would bear spiritual fruit is monasticism, particularly the monasteries of Elder Ephraim.

Of particular interest are his comments on St. John Maximovitch and Fr. Seraphim Rose, as well as his introduction of the letter of Fr. John Romanides to Fr Theoklitos Dionysiatis in which Fr. Romanides describes that the only hope for Orthodoxy in America is to bring the authentic monastic spirit to it (this was before any monasteries existed in America). I will be translating this letter into English in the very near future. And of further interest is his own very positive experience of traveling to the monasteries of Elder Ephraim in America and other holy shrines in America.

The lecture can be seen and heard here.