March 5, 2010

Papa-Fotis the "Fool For Christ" Has Reposed

According to, Elder Photios, the well known and genuine Orthodox clergyman, fell asleep in the Lord at the age of 98 at his native island of Mytilini.

He was an unmarried Archimandrite who worked tirelessly for the gospel, yet in a silent and real way, as displayed in the fact that he would walk around barefoot in both summer and winter.

It should be noted that his funeral will take place tomorrow, March 6, at 3:00PM at the Church of Saint Anthony in Trigona Plomariou, the village which he himself served for 46 years.

His funeral will be served by Metropolitan Iakovos of Mytilini, as well as many clergy.

May the Lord grant him eternal rest among the righteous, and may we have his blessing as well.

Father Photios Lavriotis

Archimandrite Photios Lavriotis, well known on the island of Lesvos as Papa-Fotis, was born in Pamfilla, a village near Mytilini in 1913 by his parents Demetrios and Maria Sardellis.

He, together with his sister who was younger than him by three years, was raised amidst many difficulties and deprivations. At the age of seven he became an orphan. As an adolescent he heard about Greek Orthodox monasticism and the vanity of the world by a preacher who visited his village; fascinated, he decided to become a monk.

At the age of seventeen he departed for the Holy Monastery of Great Lavra on Mount Athos, where he received the name Lavriotis. There he was tonsured a monk and received ordination into the holy diaconate and holy priesthood, living on Mount Athos for a total of twenty years.

He returned to his native island of Lesvos at the invitation of the late Metropolitan Iakovos I of Mytilini.

He was placed as the parish priest of the village of Trigona Plomariou, where he stayed until retirement. In 1950 the former Archbishop of Athens, Ieronymos, placed him as the vicar of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

After four years of residence at the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, he returned for a second time to his birthplace. Continuing his parish duties, he also engaged in the reconstruction of his Hermitage which was dedicated to Righteous Luke the Neomartyr.

Papa-Fotis completed a total of 68 years as a clergyman, a liturgist of the Holy Sanctuary. He was loved by all and known for his courage, asceticism, and commitment to Orthodox tradition. For the peculiarity of his appearance, he said: "I am a monk, which is why I do not attach much importance to my dress."