December 9, 2009

Orthodox Businessmen Find Heavenly Protector in St. Joseph of Volotsk

December 8 2009

St. Joseph of Volotsk is proclaimed a heavenly protector of Orthodox enterprises and management.

Patriarchal Council for Economics and Ethics requested to give a heavenly protector to business activities. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia blessed the initiative, his press service said.

St. Joseph of Volotsk (secular name Ioann Sanin, 1440-1515) went down to history as an ardent advocate of Orthodoxy and defender of church and state unity in struggle against heresies and church schisms, an inspirer of the teaching about the Holy Russia as the keeper of ancient ecumenical piety.

He is also famous for his business activities aimed at strengthening church authority and influence on society, enhancing the Church financial capabilities for carrying out the charity.

It'll be 500 years since the Holy Father deceased in 2015.