December 9, 2009

Greek ID Cards and 666

Athos Monks Discover Devil’s Number in New ID Numbers

Athens, 9 December 2009, Interfax – Monks of the Holy Mount Athos detected a spiritual threat in the identification numbers of social protection (AMKA) given to Greek citizens.

“This number is given personally to each citizen for his or her entire life. In fact, a personality is diminished, degraded, turned into a number, becomes a numeric, a thing!” monks of some Athos monasteries said in their statement conveyed to Interfax-Religion on Wednesday.

The monks arrived at a conclusion that these plastic cards with identification numbers “will be connected with number 666.”

According to them, AMKA represents unified identification number of an employee for insurance and medical treatment, which is “unique for each citizen and will accompany him all his life.”

This number “will be compulsory, without it a citizen will be deprived of his rights for permanent work, social insurance, medical treatment, pensions, privileges, benefits,” the statement reads.

The Athos monks required to preserve instruments of social protection existed before, including traditional health passports.