Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Significant Increase in Number of Practicing Believers in Romania

July 13, 2009

The Romanian Patriarchate's information agency, "Basilica", released details of research, showing an increase in the number of practicing believers in Romania, reports "Patriarhiya.Ru". In 2008, nearly half (48%) of Romanians attended church at least once a month.

In 1993 the figure did not exceed 30%. This trend is typical for all age groups, except for those born before 1929 - because of the natural decline in their physical abilities.

Already in 2005, Romania ranked first in Europe in the number of practicing believers -- 25% -- ahead of Poland and Italy and almost twice the average European rate of those who attended church at least once a month. The lowest numbers in Europe are for Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and Russia.

In 2008 85% of the population had confidence in the Romanian Orthodox Church. According to this index, it is significantly ahead of all other public and State institutions in the country.
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