July 20, 2009

Freedom Demonstrations Mark 35th Anniversary of Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

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On the 20th of July demonstrations will be held around the world against the continuing illegal Turkish military occupation of Hellenic land. In Cyprus the student organizations of EFAEFP and EFEN have taken the lead and are organizing this year’s demonstration. There will be a rally on the 20th of July at 6:30pm from Platia Eleftherias Square leading to the Ledra roadblock in Nicosia. In London the Cypriot community will be holding their annual protest in front of the Turkish Embassy (43 Belgrave Square, London SWIX 8PA) on July 19th from 2:45pm with a march through Central London and a Rally at 4.30pm (to be attended by senior Cypriot officials) in Trafalgar Square:


And in Washington DC, The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) will be having an ‘All night vigil in Washington D.C. to mourn the missing and murdered Cypriots of the barbaric Turkish invasion of July 20, 1974’, in Sheridan Circle facing the bedroom window of the Turkish Ambassador on the eve of July 20th, 2009:


Please send us news on all the demonstrations which are going on around the world so we can post them.

We refuse to forget the Turkish Crimes committed by the Turkish invasion on 20th July 1974. Our sacred Hellenic land has been under barbaric Turkish occupation for too long. Every patriotic Hellene who cannot forget and will not forget Turkey’s Crimes against Hellenic people should participate.

In the words of Cypriot student activist Paris Stylianides: "We have reached melting point. Hellenism is striving to survive on this island….”


And in further Hellenic Patriotic News, here follows four (4) important news and research articles on the Cyprus Cause:

(1) Our friends in Cyprus have a new site that has just opened on 15th July solely for English texts. It is run by patriotic young people. Please bookmark them. Their blog offers truth on the latest developments concerning Cyprus! PART OF THE ‘FREEDOM FOR CYPRUS NETWORK’, please link to it on your blogs, sites, and message boards:


(2) An important Memorial tribute to a fighter for EOKA 1955-59 who paid a heavy price not for what he was doing but because of the subservient attitude of certain GREEK and GREEK-CYPRIOT elements within the London Community…that has already been published in TA NEA of London.


The article is available also for download in the attachments, along with

(3) An invitation to an upcoming event in Cyprus sent to us by the patriotic “Movement for FREEDOM AND RULE OF LAW IN CYPRUS” to mark July 20th that will include speeches by Neoclis Sarris on the long legacy of Turkish inhuman barbarism.

Finally we also offer first hand research by London-based Greek-Cypriot journalist Fanoulla Argyrou on interesting historical findings in the British archives, below and in the attachments:



Finally we also offer first hand research by London-based Greek-Cypriot journalist on interesting historical findings in the British archives, below and in the attachments:

Cyprus History

Few countries can trace the course of their history over 10,000 years, but in approximately 8,000 BC the island of Cyprus was already inhabited and going through its Neolithic Age. Of all the momentous events that were to sweep the country through the next few thousand years, one of the most crucial was the discovery of copper – or Kuprum in Latin – the mineral which took its name from “Kypros”, the Greek name of Cyprus, and generated untold wealth.

The island’s strategic position, its copper deposits and its timber attracted the first Greeks who came to the island over 3,000 years ago at the end of the Trojan wars. They settled down, bringing in with them and establishing the Greek identity.

Over the centuries Cyprus came under the sway of various rulers including the Egyptians. Assyrians, Persians, the successors to Alexander the Great and the Romans, before Cyprus became part of the Byzantine Empire. Later came the Crusaders, the Frankish Lusignans and Venetians, Ottomans and British.

Cyprus gained its independence in 1960, for the first time in 3,500 years, but the Greek identity of language and culture has been retained.



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