January 9, 2023

This Website Is Now Closed

Dear Readers:

As I announced a few weeks ago, this website is now closed.

This website currently has over 16,200 posts from 2009, and it is not designed to contain that much information. For this reason, nothing new will be added to this website. It will only serve as an archive of what I have already posted.

From now on, the primary website of the Mystagogy Resource Center with daily updates will be:
Please go there and subscribe and bookmark this site for your daily visitations. I have provided a LinkTree on that site with all the links you need for social media subscriptions.

The new website is a work in progress I will be working on all this week, adding some new features.

Besides the new website and the LinkTree account, I have also added a new YouTube channel. There are two videos there now, one I just upladed a few days ago. It is a fascinating 1987 documentary starring Sir Steven Runciman called "Bridge to the East". Please go take a look, and subscribe to be notified about new upcoming content.

There are many new and exciting things in store for the Mystagogy Resource Center in 2023.

Please support this ministry and thank you for keeping it going and thriving since 2009.

With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos