April 10, 2021

Synaxarion of the Holy New Hieromartyr Gregory V the Patriarch of Constantinople

On the 10th of this month [April], we commemorate Saint Gregory V the New Hieromartyr, Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch, who was martyred on this day by hanging, in the year 1821, on behalf of the freedom of pious Panhellenism, during the reign of the Asiatic Sultan Mahmud.


You died by hanging O Patriarch,
However you live eternally in divine Eden.
On the tenth the Patriarch was sacrificed on behalf of the Nation.

His abridged life through verse.
This shoot of luminous piety,
Had as his homeland the land of Peloponnesos.
Through the piety of his parents, he became a
Disciple of Christ, most genuine,
And he was raised in the fear of the Lord,
Applying himself piously to his studies.
For the rest of his wisdom he looked to Smyrna,
And an angelic and divine life,
For which he was elected its Metropolitan.
Although he did virtuous things and good works there,
He was without means to do much except preach.
After these things the throne was widowed,
Of the Patriarchal Great Church,
Which he was elected to shepherd by vote.
An enormous amount of sweat on behalf of Orthodoxy,
With longing he spilled immeasurably daily,
In order to support his flock,
With the venerable teachings of the Master.
Twice he was removed from the throne without guilt,
By the impious authority of the Hagarenes,
And he went to the Mountain of Athos,
Where he lived as a monk.
Twice again he was chosen,
To return and receive the throne.
During his third Patriarchate,
When a revolt took place in Greece,
Then the renowned and elderly Patriarch,
Clearly foresaw, without cowardice, his
Death for the nation.
Stout-hearted he accepted to endure it,
And his fellow Priests and Shepherds,
He taught to prepare to be faithful.
Therefore the holy day came,
When Jesus rose from the grave,
And the impious Assyrian King,
Issued an order against the Orthodox people,
Wishing to break the yoke,
He then hanged the Patriarch.
For three days he was left on the wood,
Then he was given to the ungracious Jews.
Hence the bloodthirsty took him,
First dragging him through all the streets,
Of the entire city, and then casting him,
Into the innermost part of the sea.
Then by the all-wise arrangement of the King of all,
He was kept unharmed,
And brought into the hands of the pious.
Accordingly the Patriarch was successfully,
Brought inviolate to Russia,
To that place where is a pious King,
With a God-fearing mind like Paul,
And he was fittingly received, and buried in Odessa.
By his prayers guard the faithful O Christ.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
When you stood before the lawless King, and delivered by him to be hanged Hieromartyr Gregory, the heavenly powers, weaved a crown for you. When you were dragged over the ground by the impious Jews, and cast by them into the sea, they invisibly placed it on your head, together crying out: Glory to God for saving Your Hierarch.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Let us gather together today, children of the same race of Greece, in the city of Athens, to sing divine songs, to the Patriarch Gregory, whom we brilliantly celebrate.

Divine offspring of Peloponnesos, the treasure of the Orthodox Church, the great boast of Panhellenism, the pride of Patriarchs, Gregory the new.
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.