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April 14, 2021

Saint Abundius the Sacristan (+ 564)

St. Abundius the Sacristan (Feast Day - April 14)

We are informed about Saint Abundius from the Dialogues (Bk. 3, Ch. 25) of Saint Gregory the Great, where after mentioning a miracle of a certain Theodore who was the sacristan of the Church of Saint Peter in Rome, he goes on to mention another miraculous incident of another sacristan of the same church named Abundius. He writes:     

"Not very many years ago, as old men say, there was another keeper of the same church, called Abundius, a man of great humility, who served God so faithfully, that the Holy Apostle Peter did by miracle declare what opinion he had of his virtue.

For a certain young maiden, that frequented his church, was so pitifully sick with palsy, that she crept upon her hands, and, due to weakness, dragged her body upon the ground. For a long time she prayed to Saint Peter for help with her infirmity. One night in a vision, he stood by her and said the following: 'Go to Abundius, and seek his help, and he shall restore you to your health.'

The maiden, having no doubt in the vision, but not knowing who was this Abundius, crept up and down throughout the church, inquiring as to who he was, and suddenly she met him whom she sought for, and asking for him, he told her that he was Abundius. Then she said: 'Our shepherd and patron, blessed Saint Peter the Apostle, has sent me, that you should help me of this my disease.'

'If you were indeed sent by him,' said Abundius, 'then rise up.' Then taking her by the hand, he lifted her up upon her feet, and from that very hour, all the sinews and parts of her body became so strong, that no sign of her former malady remained."

Saint Abundius reposed in peace around the year 564.