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April 16, 2021

Elder Savvas Lappas and the Celestial Light of the Theotokos

Hermitage of the Honorable Cross in Kalymnos
Monk Nikephoros Lappas (1903-1992), who was later named Savvas, had been a disciple of Saint Savvas of Kalymnos and then Saint Amphilochios Makris, and for the last 32 years of his life lived alone in asceticism in the Hermitage of the Honorable Cross towards the western part of the island of Kalymnos, to the left of the coast of Kantouni.

Father Pavlos Nikitaras (1912-1999) reported that on one moonless night he had gone out with Father Nikephoros for fishing in the bay of Kouvari.

When at 11 o'clock in the evening they pulled out the nets and had to gather the fish, Fr. Pavlos asked Elder Nikephoros a question:

"But how will we gather the fish since there is no light at all?"

The Elder answered him:

"God will take care of it!"

They began to say the Salutations to the Most Holy Theotokos and suddenly a bright disk appeared above them that illuminated the whole place!

Father Pavlos was frightened, fearing that there was a satellite that was going to fall on them, but Elder Nikephoros remained calm reciting the Salutations.

So in this abundant divine light they continued their task, their service, that is, the gathering of the fish from the nets, and only after they threw the nets for the second time in the sea did this celestial disk disappear, as well as the celestial light that was sent by the Most Holy Theotokos to her servants, who said her Salutations.

Once again one finds that modern saintly figures, such as Monk Nikephoros (later Savvas) Lappas, had as their daily habit the reciting of the Salutations, not only every night with Compline, but on every occasion.

So let us, too, find refuge in the Salutations of our Sweetest Mother, always shouting loudly: "Rejoice Bride Unwedded!"

And let us beg her with tears, that this will be the last word we will say while we live in this temporary life, so that our Panagia may receive us directly and lead us to the Sweet light of her Son!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.