September 7, 2020

Synaxarion of our Venerable Father Daniel of Katounakia


By Dr. Haralambos M. Bousias

On this day [7th of September] we commemorate our Venerable and God-bearing Father Daniel, who lately resided in the Athonite desert of Katounakia.


Christ, Whom you hymned in asceticism on Athos,
You now hymn with your lips, O Daniel, in Heaven.

The sacred first-fruit of the monastic brotherhood of the Danilaioi in Katounakia of Athos, our venerable father Daniel, shined lately as a ray in his ascetic training and illumined all Christians with his unerring guidance and his wise admonitions. He was from Smyrna, born to a family of many children, and from a young age he longed to please Christ and dedicate his life to Him. He was encouraged to do this by Venerable Arsenios of Paros, and after receiving the blessing from his mother he departed for Athos. Exercising obedience and humility in the Monasteries of Saint Panteleimon and Vatopaidi, he settled in Katounakia, as a desert-loving sparrow. There he conducted himself as one who was equal to the angels and through his written admonitions he guided to theosis a multitude of pious-minded monastics of Kechrovouni of Tinos and Holy Trinity of Aegina. He formed an unbreakable friendship with the venerable Nektarios and gave much strength to the saint of Greek letters Alexandros Moraitides. He was distinguished for his unceasing prayer and measured everything in life as something foreign and was numbered as one who was a commoner of the angels. In the Hut of the Holy Athonite Fathers where he founded his Synodia, which is known for its hospitality as their Elder and founder, he was distinguished through his musical education and beautiful voice of its melodies, and there his honorable and grace-flowing relics reside.

Through his holy intercessions, Christ God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
You lived a chaste way of life on Athos, O adornment of Katounakia, and Daniel, who became like God, as you tirelessly gathered sweet honey from the crags like a bee, O wise one. Therefore, we who have all been nourished by your graces partake of your favor.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
The follower of the virtue and discernment of the Venerable Athonite Fathers let us praise, who shown forth with wisdom and self-control, as an unerring guide to the faithful in mind, who became all things to everyone. Let us cry out to Daniel, who is beloved of Christ: Rejoice, O venerable one.

Desiring the things of Heaven, O Daniel, you wisely lived your life, and therefore, you despised all things that pass away, and in Katounakia, inclined your nous towards the Lord, rousing the choirs of ascetics to cry out to you:
Rejoice, pearl of Athos,
Rejoice, director towards wisdom.
Rejoice, sweetly-singing swallow of self-control,
Rejoice, fellow dweller with the noetic armies.
Rejoice, precious offspring of Smyrna, who was deified through asceticism,
Rejoice, sweet and refreshing drink from the divine spring.
Rejoice, radiance of those who live in asceticism on Athos,
Rejoice, joy of the sacred Fathers of the desert.
Rejoice, ever-radiant light-house of purity,
Rejoice, golden tower of estrangement [from the world].
Rejoice, friend of the sacred Nektarios,
Rejoice, lamp of the choir of ascetics.
Rejoice, O venerable Daniel.

Rejoice, the rule of discernment, O Daniel, the newly-shining adornment of the Fathers. Rejoice, you who ceaselessly lived the monastic life, and guided to the life to come, O Athonite of godly mind.