February 1, 2019

Taking Some Time Off

Dear Readers:

I will be taking a few weeks off from posting anything new, beginning today. Just need to focus on other things that have piled up, and also want to spend some time organizing and expanding this ministry. Working full time and maintaining this ministry takes up many hours, as you can imagine, so every once in a while breaks like this are needed. I will continue posting the daily readings on Facebook and Twitter.

When I return, hopefully around my birthday on February 15th, I am hoping to make a few exciting announcements. Unfortunately, the past few months have been a bad time for this ministry, as financial goals were not met, and for every new subscription I received since November, I had eleven cancel. Though this is a setback, out of gratitude to all who continue to support this ministry, during this time off I will improve the experience, and expand this ministry, in the hope that this setback is temporary. So if you like what we have going at the Mystagogy Resource Center, and want more, make sure to subscribe and contribute as you are able.

Usually during my time off I get a lot of messages and emails. Please withhold, as I will be focusing on other things. However, feel free to continue submitting questions for the Erotapokriseis website, which will be answered there in time.

Thank you. See ya in a few weeks!

With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos

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