August 23, 2014

Icon of St. Innocent of Moscow Begins Weeping at Khabarovsk Orthodox Seminary

On August 20th a strange phenomenon was witnessed in Khabarovsk when it was observed that the icon of the patron of the Theological School in the region, Saint Innocent (Veniaminov) of Moscow and missionary to Alaska, began weeping. This icon is in the chapel of the seminary.

"The streaming myrrh was noticed by our seminary entrants who remained for Vespers. When we were informed about it, we saw a teardrop in front of the eye of Saint Innocent of Moscow and stains from them. This is the icon of our heavenly patron, to whom we prayed immediately after", said the first Vice-President of the Theological School, Bishop Ephraim Bikin. He continued: "When the icon was opened to verify that it was indeed shedding myrrh, the church was suddenly filled with a fragrant aroma. In order to document this event and the facts, the seminary began to document it on record."

On Thursday, August 21, the Academic Council of the School of Theology met under the chairmanship of Bishop Ignatius, and they apparently do not find natural causes for this phenomenon. The second day there were large drops of tears running down the face of the Saint, and they accumulated at the bottom edge of the icon.

According to students of the seminary, the icon is producing a liquid that is fragrant, giving the chapel a sweet fragrance.

It is to be noted that this icon that contains relics of the Saint was painted at Holy Trinity/Saint Sergius Lavra and given to the seminary by the late Patriarch Alexie II.