May 22, 2014

Annual Update and Appeal

Dear Readers:

One year ago I sought your help to expand this ministry, and many of you graciously responded, and for that I am grateful. It showed me how much you value this ministry, understand its impact and desire for its expansion. Without your generosity, this ministry would not exist and cannot exist.

Over the past year, Mystagogy has expanded beyond what it was previously. Your generosity has allowed me to put more time into the quality of my posts, launch other websites, given me the opportunity to help individuals who seek answers and a richer ecclesiastical life, prepare publications for future distribution, and bringing my vision for this ministry closer to its potential. Though most of the work over the past year has not been made public yet, I am sure when it does shortly it will not disappoint.

But there is still much more to do and much left undone.

As I mentioned one year ago, the future of this ministry is in your hands. Though I personally consider it a labor of love, it takes your help for me to bring it to you. And your help is much needed now to bring all the work I have done over the past year to the public. And not only that, but also to continue to offer what I have been offering, and even putting more time and effort to increase this as well, and expand yet further. I still consider this ministry in its infant stages, and the growth potential I envision is enormous and limitless. If you like what you have seen so far, then I guarantee you will love what is to come.

Though I have expanded this ministry in many ways with your help, many things I hoped for were also left undone due to financial constraints. For example, I had hoped to fix this Mystagogy website to make it better and more user-friendly, but this costs money and I was not able to fund it. Also, because I fell short in raising the money to expand this ministry as I desired, despite the great generosity of many, I am still restrained by an old computer and outdated technology to make things happen at the speed and quantity and quality I desire. In fact, it is an annoying hindrance at this point that I hope will change shortly. To help push this ministry to survive over the past few months, I have also made use of sponsors to advertise on my sites, and it is with their help that this ministry has survived, and I encourage my readers to visit them and support them as well. But because of all the help I have received, this ministry has still survived and expanded in other ways, and helped me personally get over personal hurdles, such as my recent expensive move to another residence because my roof was about to collapse at my previous residence, though even for this I had to take out a small loan.

Without going into too many details, I want to make an appeal to you today, like I did last year, to generously support this ministry and help it realize its vision. If you find any value in this ministry, then I ask you to reciprocate that value into a monetary donation. Your financial help and your prayers is the life of this ministry.

Until I meet my financial goal to ensure at least the future survival of this ministry, I will not make any posts. If all the encouraging words and emails I have received over the past year are true, then I don't expect this absence to be very long. Meanwhile, I will be just as busy as ever, and it will allow me to make some improvements on this site and work on my other sites as well. When I return, I will explain in detail these improvements.

I also want to announce my new website called Bio-Orthodoxy. I plan to officially launch it tomorrow. To receive updates, please visit and follow the progress of that site on Facebook and Twitter. In my absence here at Mystagogy, I will also be posting at my other website Honey and Hemlock at, which you can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, because I am a one man team for now as far as all the work of this ministry is concerned, I have determined to send my personal thank you emails and letters twice a year, at both Christmas and Easter. Because of my move I have been a little late in doing this, so over the next week all those who have donated will be getting a personal message from me. Also, all names of donors are submitted to various monasteries to be prayed for.

We are relying primarily on donations to cover our costs. Please consider a donation and be part of the realization of the vision mentioned above. Thank you!

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John Sanidopoulos

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With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos

NOTE: Though this fund-raising campaign is an ongoing process, we are currently seeking donations of at least $60 from all of our readers, if possible, or $5 a month. If you gave anything last year, please donate again or renew your subscription if you are no longer subscribed. Of course, whatever amount you can give is helpful, since even $1 from all of our readers would be enough to cover all costs.