November 6, 2013

Video Captures a Demon Possessed Woman Confessing the Power of St. Gerasimos

The video above was taken on 20 October 2013 in Kefallonia on the feast day of the islands patron, St. Gerasimos. In the Holy Monastery of Saint Gerasimos the incorrupt relic of the Saint is kept, and on his feast day it is taken out and processed as a blessing to the island and for the numerous pilgrims gathered. This sacred relic, even its shadow, carries the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and it is customary for the suffering and eager faithful to line up underneath the spot where it will pass to receive a special blessing, and like a computer scanner it scans the people for illnesses, pain and especially demons. This Saint is especially known for his Grace through Christ to banish demons from possessed people. Halfway through the video you see a young woman yelling out in Greek, "You are burning me", as the relic passes over her. She then yells for the Saint to go away, screaming among other things: "Leave Gerasimos ... you made my sorcery go away ... they (the demons) left me ... you destroyed me Gerasimos ... you made the two women depart ... go away!" As the relic leaves her, one man comments: "You see what sorcery does."