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August 21, 2013

The Miracle of Panagia Malevi for the Young Andrew

The Holy Icon of Panagia Malevi

Nun Agne told us:

"In 2007 a boy came to the Monastery that had just turned fifteen, who was one step away from reaching his end.

He was from Cyprus, and from the time he first began to walk he battled with cancer.

His father had died, and his mother tried to remain strong for him, and also for his younger brother, Basil. The child had twenty-three surgerical procedures, but nothing had happened.

His condition got worse, so the doctors at the great hospital of Athens told his mother that he needed one more surgery. But they didn't know if he would survive the surgery, as he was already paralyzed.

A day before traveling to Athens, his mother saw the Panagia in her sleep, who said to her: 'Don't worry. I am the Panagia Malevi. Come to my home and Andrew will become well.'

When the woman woke up she asked her mother who was Panagia Malevi, since she did not know her. The women asked around and learned that the Monastery was in the area of Greece called Kynouria. And so, as quickly as the mother took her child to the airport, she rented a taxi and came here to the Monastery."

According to the nun, as well as those who reside in the village, the nuns and the taxi driver helped the mother put the child in the wheelchair, and they brought him inside the church to venerate the icon. And as soon as he kissed it, the Panagia filled him with strength. The child felt, as he said, something strange penetrate his body, and he straightaway yelled out: "Leave me to walk". His mother and all of those near him froze. Andrew got up, walked, and began to run, as everyone cried.

Nun Agne mentioned: "I have been in the Monastery for forty years, and I confess that at that moment I felt the presence of the Panagia so clearly that my hairs stood up. Andrew departed standing upright, and he left his wheelchair here because, as he told us, he no longer needed it." Doctors who evaluated the child after his visit to Panagia Malevi could not believe how the child was walking, and even that he was still alive.

Furthermore, tests still show cancer in the largest part of his body, but the child is well. From that time, Andrew and his mother visit the Monastery once a year to thank the Panagia.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.