September 28, 2009

Center for Inquiry’s BLASPHEMY CONTEST

You’ve got to wonder what an organization that touts itself for critical thinking is thinking when it sponsors a BLASPHEMY CONTEST:

Maybe Christians should submit Psalm 14:1 or Romans 1:20, but since Darwin is their god a few word's of Darwin's less than divine attributes would suffice. Or maybe just a few words on blasphemy.

Here is my submission:

Title: My Submission for Your Dumb Contest

Dear Center For (bigoted) Inquiry:

Here is my submission that I think we can all agree on:

"Presumption and boastfulness are causes of blasphemy. Avarice and self-esteem are causes of cruelty and hypocrisy." - St. Kosmas Aitolos

I also like:

"Unspeakable blasphemy is the child of dreadful pride." - St. John of the Ladder


"May your blasphemy fall upon your own head." - St. Niketas Stethatos

I'm looking forward to my T-Shirt and mug. :-)