October 26, 2021

Testimony of a Man Who Spoke With Saint Demetrios and Was Healed By Him

I was invited to go to Sesklo, 16 km away from Velestino for a power of attorney contract.

The house was on the edge of the village.

I go in and the hostess tells me she was going to find witnesses.

In the meantime I ask the old woman if she wants to confess and she asks me:

"My child, are you of Christ?"

"Let me tell you. I come from a village in Evia. My daughter is married here.

Every Saturday I went and swept the Church of Saint Demetrios because no woman dared to go due to there being loud noises.

I was thirteen years old.

I was seriously ill. Fever 41 (=105.8).

My mother would go to the nearby river, soak the towels and put them on my forehead to cool off.

One day when my mother left for the river, a young man appeared, without opening the door, and I asked him:

'Barba, how did you get into my room?'
'Calm down,' he said saying my name, 'I am the Martyr Demetrios. If I do not take care of you who cleans my house, who will I take care of!'

He comes to the bed, picks me up and I sit on the bed.

He crosses me four times, front, back, right and left.

I immediately realized that the fever was gone.

I became well.

'I'm leaving now because your mother is coming. You will grow up, get married and have three children.'

'I do not want to get married, I want to be well,' I said loudly and he disappeared in front of me.

My mother came, and I told her what happened."
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.