October 4, 2021

The Church of Greece is Considering the Canonization of Metropolitan Theologos of Larissa

The Metropolis of Larissa issued the following statement:

His Eminence the Metropolitan of Larissa and Tyrnavos Hieronymos feels the need to thank his beloved brother and co-liturgist, His Eminence the Metropolitan of Drama Pavlos for his publicly expressed intention that the Church of Greece should study the issue of the canonization of his renowned predecessor the late Theologos, a man of known virtue and peace.

Concrete steps have already been taken in this direction, despite the existing obstacles.

The desire of all of us is the success of the project, so that despite the mistakes and the malaise of that time, to recognize that in every period of time there are people of God who give evidence to the testimony of the Faith.

Brief Biography

Theologos Paschalides was originally from Odessa and was born in 1918 in Nisyros of the Dodecanese. He studied Law and Theology at the University of Athens. In 1950 he was ordained a deacon by the Metropolitan of Patara Meletios. He served as a deacon in the chapel of the Royal Palaces. In 1952 he was ordained a presbyter under the Metropolitan of Lemnos and later Metropolitan of Trikki and Stagi Dionysios. He served as a Preacher in the Metropolises of Lemnos and Trikki, distinguished as a minister, preacher of the divine word and catechist.

In 1968 he was elected Metropolitan of Larissa and served in the Sacred Metropolis until 1974. The Holy Synod that elected him was controlled by the Dictatorship. For this reason, after the fall of the Dictatorship, Theologos Paschalides was declared anti-canonical and deposed.

He reposed in the Lord on 31 July 1996 at the age of 78 and was buried in the Sacred Monastery of Komnenion in Stomio, Larissa, where he rests until today.

His life, complete poverty and spirit of forgiveness has been compared to that of Saint Nektarios.
A biography in Greek can be read here