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August 19, 2021

Two Recent Miracles of Saint Paisios the Athonite in Eastern Congo

Fr. Timothy Ntumba of the Church of Saint Nicholas in Bunia of Eastern Congo has recently informed us of two recent miracles on behalf of two of his parishioners through the intervention of Saint Paisios the Athonite. He writes:

Dear friends, good morning! May Saint Paisios the Athonite help us! I would like to mention two miracles of Saint Paisios in Bunia, in the Parish of Saint Nicholas, as we experienced them these days, which, in fact, have some things in common.

An 11-year-old Orthodox girl named Daniela was poisoned by a classmate, who was jealous of her success and prestige. The girl was very close to death, with vertigo, and she had lost a lot of weight rapidly. She had turned pale in less than a week. Her heart was afflicted. She kept telling her mom that her heart was hurting. The girl had a dream, which she told her mom. This dream was about what I will tell you below. So little Daniela came the same week to find the pastor of the Church of Saint Nicholas in Bunia, following the advice of the Person who had appeared to her in the dream she had seen. On Sunday, with very unbearable pain in her chest, she came to Holy Communion, and on the same day she felt healed and still feels healthy today.

Also a few days ago, a 30-year-old Orthodox woman named Eva suddenly began to feel excruciating pain all over her body, a severe headache with vomiting and diarrhea almost at any time. And at night the situation got worse. The following nights, her pain was unbearable. Examinations at the hospital showed that she had been poisoned. (Perhaps this was done to her by a friend of hers, who had unsuspectingly invited her to her house, where she had been treated to some juice). The drugs prescribed to her made the affliction in her chest worse.

On the eve of the feast of Saint Paisios, on 11 July 2021, she saw a dream and woke up. Then she tried to sleep again. She had the same dream for the second time, with the same man saying the same words to her: “Eva, in the morning, go to church, find your priest. Commune in the Divine Liturgy and you will be healed." In the morning, when the priest arrived at the church, he was impressed that he found Eva in the church, and asked her why she had come while she was sick with excruciating pain from the poisoning and had to stay in her house. The woman did not answer anything. In the Divine Liturgy he communed her. An hour after the Divine Liturgy, she returned to the church and told one of the altar boys that she wanted to talk to the pastor. And she told the pastor the dream she had seen twice that night, which she had told her children in the morning, before coming to church. All the descriptions of both Daniela and Eva about the Holy Person, that they saw in their dream, refer to Saint Paisios the Athonite, since the healed faithful Orthodox recognized him from his icon, while they did not know much about the Saint. Thank God! 

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Below is the Apolytikion in the First Tone of Saint Paisios translated in French as chanted by the parishioners of Bunia:

Ressortissant de Pharassa et ornement de l’Athos, ⃰ imitateur de saints anciens, ⃰ leur égal en honneur; ⃰ fidèles, honorons Païssios ⃰, ce vase de la grâce de Dieu, ⃰ lui qui protège de détresse ⃰, ceux qui s’exclament dans la foi ⃰: Gloire à celui qui t’a donné ce pouvoir, ⃰ gloire à celui qui t’a couronné, ⃰ gloire à celui qui opère par toi, ⃰ toutes sortes de guérisons.