August 21, 2021

Miracles of Saints Reginos and Orestes in Fasoula of Cyprus (Part 2)

...continued from part one.

4. Healing of a Malignant Tumor

The priest of the community of Fasoula, Fr. John Papamarkidis, had a tumor in his side, and the doctor informed him they would watch it because it was cancer. The priest, however, entrusted the treatment to the miraculous Saints of his community. Every day, as he himself told me, he went and begged Saints Reginos and Orestes to heal him. And indeed, in fifteen days that tangle disappeared and he was completely healed.

5. Healing of a Paralytic

Little Christakis Panagiotou from Fasoula was paralyzed in the lower extremities and could not walk. One day his mother took the little Christakis and she stood in the church of the Saints and said to her fellow villager the priest John to do a supplicatory canon for the healing of little Christakis, which he did. Then he went down to his tomb and he took the stones, which the villagers call cheeses, and rubbed his little feet with them, and - O the miracle! -, the young one began to walk. The parents of the child, out of gratitude, renamed the little one from Christakis to Reginos, the name of the Saint.

6. Healing of a Cardiac Episode

Mr. Polyvios Patsalidis, formerly an airport employee and now retired, was granted as many other faithful the grace of Saint Reginos. Once, when he was still young, he suffered a heart attack and while he was in the intensive care unit of the General Hospital of Nicosia, Saint Reginos visited him overnight, he touched his chest in the area of the heart, and told him to get up because he had been made well. Surprised the patient asked his benefactor:

"Who you are?"

"I am Saint Reginos."

Indeed, the doctors and nurses believed the patient's stories, because his health showed an unexpected improvement. From then on he overcame his problem and glorified the Saint for his kindness.

7. Healing of Epilepsy

The priest of Trimithousa narrated:

"Twenty years ago my 3 year old daughter was suffering from epilepsy, and the doctors told me that there is no cure and I will suffer much. The girl would fall as if dead and would foam from her mouth and could have swallowed her tongue.

One night at 11 o'clock, the presbytera woke me up and she told me to get up because it happened to the baby again and I had to take her to the doctor. I said our Saints are miracle workers, I will take her to their church. I got up with my pajamas, and I took the little one, who was about 3 years old. I placed her down, because she could not stand and I began to pray.

At one point the little one tells me:

'Papa, Papa, I see two horsemen.'

I asked her where they were, and she said to me she saw them next to her.

I picked her up, helped her, she did her cross, and venerated the icon of the Saints and she was healed. 
From, that point she enjoys extreme health. She is now married with children without any problems."

The next three miracles were narrated to us by Christos I. Evangelos from Fasoula, a chanter in a church of Limassol, as it was told to him by his father, though I also have heard villagers talk about them.

8. The Thief Who Was Redeemed

A certain Markos from the neighboring village of Paramytha, stole sheep, slaughtered them with other comrades, and in order to dispose of them, they hid them in the tomb of the Saints, in a side crypt where the tomb of Saint Orestes is thought to be. After a while, Markos became seriously ill and, rebuked by his conscience, attributed his illness to that theft. To appease the Saints he went to their feast with his gifts. At the end, when they took the icon of the Saints to carry it in procession to its place in the main church, about 500 meters away, Markos fell to the ground and foam came out of his mouth while following the icon in a very strange way. When they saw him dragging with his chest on the road, and when he passed over mud and water, he did not get dirty at all. He fluttered like a swallow. When the icon arrived and was placed in its place in the church, Markos stayed on the ground for a while and then got up, took off his white shirt and hung it on the icon and left. From that moment his life changed. He walked around with a beard and wore a wooden Cross around his neck. I saw this man too, without knowing the cause of his behavior.

9. Healing the Eyes of a Young Girl

Kostas Fasouliotis, who is well known in Fasoula and Limassol, during the time of the war in 1940, moved from Limassol to Fasoula, though he kept his cafe in Limassol where he would go every morning and late at night he would return to Fasoula. One Saturday night as he was returning home late from the cafe, he found his young daughter Popi on the mattress with her two eyes swollen shut. Instead of a doctor suggested to him by his family for his daughter, he ran to the tomb of the Saints and took some dirt, and from the lit oil lamp took some oil, and having mixed them he took the mixture and rubbed it on the eyes of young Popi. The next day the little one got up from the mattress and was completely well and showed no signs, even though she was in a horrible mess. Kostas would talk about this miracle often and it became well known to everybody.

10. A Horseman on his Horse

According to Mr. Evangelos:

"It was the time of the harvest, when I was a student in elementary school, and I would help the adults with the harvest. One evening after work, I went with my brother-in-law to the threshing-floor. By the time we arranged the haystack, it was night and we left quickly.

When I got home I found out I left my jacket at the threshing-floor. I returned to get it and took the road next to the dry river that leads to the plain. Suddenly I heard the galloping of a horse and I saw a horseman on his horse holding up high a large Cross and he was scattering around a dazzling light that lit the whole plain.

The cavalryman came from the west, from the place where the new cemetery of Fasoula is today, and went to the Church of Saint Reginos. Immediately frightened I turned back and went to the cafe and told the villagers. Christodoulos Pateras was also in the cafe, where he said that he also saw light coming from the same direction to the church. The same was said to us by the shepherd, Panais of Korous, they are villagers."

11. The Saint and Voskarides

From the issue of Apodemon Fasoula in 1994, we found the following story:

"Voskarides from Fasoula had a certain relationship with Saint Reginos, such as when they tried to remove soil and stones until they found water for the needs of the church, and this was indicated to him, as he said, by Saint Reginos, who indicated the water within two meters from the ancient source.

Once when he was working in Amianto he saw Saint Reginos in his sleep who informed him about a certain Turk that opened the coffin of the Saint and took something from inside, so he went to the village, found the Turk, who gave back everything he took, because he feared the Saint."

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.