December 16, 2020

Thessaloniki Hosts the Largest Manger Scene in Europe for 2020

The Greek city of Thessaloniki hosts the largest manger scene in Europe for 2020.

What makes the scene unique is that it does not only include the Holy Family, the Angels, the Three Magi, the animals and the shepherds, but also the palace of Herod and the scene where the Archangel Gabriel offers a lily to the Virgin Mary.

The facade of the manger is approx 15 meters with a total area of about 50 meters, while the palace of Herod has a height of 7 meters and a length of 25. Externally it is covered with marble, while in front there are models of soldiers.

The exhibit was made by the famous artist Vassilis Michailidis and is located in the Cultural Complex of the city hotel.