December 1, 2020

Presbytera Polyxeni, Wife of the Charismatic Greek Orthodox Priest John Kalaides, Has Reposed


By Miltiades Tsesmetzes (Educator)

The late Presbytera Polyxeni was born in 1935, in Promachonas of Serres, Greece. In 1955 she married the holy Father John Kalaides (1925-2009). During their married life they had four children - Theodora, Christos, Sophia and Philip. Her life was completely identical with the difficult and uphill road that the holy Father chose to walk in his life! Although "closed off" and timid as a character, she agreed to open her house widely to the thousands of pilgrims who fled there with longing and hope to the respected Elder!

From early in the morning until late at night, hurting and unfortunate people came to their house, asking for help! Very rarely did she not open the door of her house, and only when Father John, with his clairvoyant charisma, told her: "Presbytera, do not open the door. Those who are outside are not good people!"

But even when they had no guests, the phone rang incessantly! She lived a life next to the holy priest, and was dedicated to her fellow human beings! She never protested or complained that she had no time for her personal and family life!

Even when she went through great trials, such as the death of her young child, she did not lose her faith and her love for God!

I personally consider it beneficial that I experienced so many miracles with her! I always remember her, and on our last visit to her house, a few months ago, she constantly said the "Jesus Prayer", with the prayer rope in her hand! Her face shone with the grace of the Holy Spirit! The blessings she gave us, brought the miracle and the solution to our problems!

We have never heard her say the slightest thing against anyone! I am sure that even now that she is in Heaven, she will cover us with her prayers!

May we have her honorable blessing, as well as the blessings of our holy Father John Kalaides!

May their memory be eternal!

[Presbytera Polyxeni reposed on November 26, 2020.]