July 10, 2020

Saint George the Sweet, Archbishop of Thessaloniki (+ 11th cent.)

St. George the Sweet of Thessaloniki (Feast Day - July 10)

We have no biographical information about Saint George, except he is mentioned in the Synodikon of Thessaloniki, which is a post-Byzantine document listing the Hierarchs of Thessaloniki. This listing is significant in the sense that he is regarded as an Orthodox hierarch, since no heterodox is listed. He was Archbishop probably in the decade of the 1020's.

A fresco of Saint George can be seen in the sanctuary of the katholikon of Vatopaidi Monastery in Mount Athos, on the right side. He is depicted beardless, which may indicate he was a eunuch. This depiction dates to 1312. The reason for this depiction seems to stem from the fact that he was at one time a monk in a cell of Vatopaidi Monastery. That he is depicted with a halo indicates he was seen as a holy man of God. For this reason he is commemorated on July 10th, which is the commemoration of the Synaxis of All Saints of Vatopaidi Monastery.