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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Holy Martyrs Theophilos, Trophimos and another Thirteen Martyrs With Them

Sts. Theophilos, Trophimos and 13 Others (Feast Day - July 21)


In the heavens Theophilos and Trophimos,
Found nourishment and the friendship of God.

To Trophimos.
Trophimos had three and ten men as companions,
Having fellow athletes they were beheaded at the same time.

These Saints contested during the reign of Diocletian in the year 308. Because they could not be persuaded to deny Christ, their bodies were lacerated and they were stoned. Then their legs were beaten, and they were cast into the fire. Having been kept from harm, they were finally beheaded, and the renowned ones received crowns of martyrdom.

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