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June 12, 2020

Saint Onuphry of Malsk and Pskov (+ 1492)

St. Onuphry of Malsk and Pskov (Feast Day - June 12)

Venerable Onuphry was a disciple of Euphrosynus of Pskov. Having secluded himself on Sennoy Island, located on Lake Malsk, he founded a monastery in honor of the Nativity of the Mother of God at Malsk, four versts from Izborsk and 56 versts from Pskov.

The Saint died on June 12, 1592 and was buried in the Nativity Church, in a chapel named for him.

The memory of Saint Onuphry is also celebrated on the so-called “Malsk Sunday,” the first Sunday after the Saints Peter and Paul Fast. In ancient times, abundant snow fell on this day, from which all crops and plants could die, but through the prayers of Saint Onuphry, the snow melted quickly without causing any harm, and this year the harvest was larger than before. Since then, they have established an annual celebration in memory of this miracle.