June 27, 2020

Kontakion and Oikos to Saint Cyril Loukaris

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Unconquerable athlete of the patriarchs, you were put to death by the envious hands of the Hagarenes, showing yourself, O Cyril, to be sown by God. Wherefore an unfading crown was conveyed to you, cease not to direct your intercessions, on behalf of those who cry out: Rejoice, much-contested Father.


The Angelic Powers above, strike a hymn worthy of you O Father; we the faithful on earth, with gladness celebrate your memory, crowning you with praises, Cyril, and crying out with faith:

Rejoice, venerable Chief Shepherd;
Rejoice, glorious Patriarch;
Rejoice, heavenly offspring of Crete;
Rejoice, offshoot of Agarathos Monastery;
Rejoice, successor of Mark, the torch of Egypt;
Rejoice, president of Byzantium, the eye of the Church;
Rejoice, for you seized the courage of war;
Rejoice, for you entered the path of martyrdom;
Rejoice, you who partake with all the Saints;
Rejoice, you who are an equal of the divine Martyrs;
Rejoice, revered administrator of gifts;
Rejoice, inheritor of true life;
Rejoice, much contested Father.