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November 17, 2019

Synaxis of All Saints of Kastoria

On the third Sunday of November, the Metropolis of Kastoria celebrates the Synaxis of All Saints of Kastoria. On this day, in the Church of Saint Nikanoros, portions of the sacred relics of these Saints are displayed for veneration by the faithful.

Among the Saints celebrated this day who had some association with Kastoria - whether they were born there, served there, taught there or died there - are the following:

1. Saint Menas, patron and deliverer of the city of Kastoria (Nov. 11)

2. Saint Iakovos the New Martyr of Kastoria (Nov. 1)

3. Saint Dionysios of Korisos, builder of Dionysiou Monastery on the Holy Mountain (June 25)

4. Saint Theodosios of Korisos, Metropolitan of Trebizond (Jan. 11)

5. Saint Nektarios the Athonite (Dec. 5)

6. Saint Nikanoros, benefactor of the city and infants of Kastoria (Aug. 7)

7. Prophet Elijah, patron of furriers (July 20)

8. Saint Gregory Palamas (Nov. 14 and 2nd Sunday of Great Lent)

9. Saint Gerasimos of Pallada, Metropolitan of Kastoria (Jan. 29)

10. Saint Sophia of Kleisoura (May 6, July 8 Translation of Relics)

11. Saint Kosmas the Aitolos (Aug. 24)

12. Saint Peter Markoulis the New Martyr of Kleisoura with his Brother and Brother-in-law

13. Saint George the New Martyr who was once a Hagarene

14. Saint Basil Kalapalikes the New Hieromartyr

15. Saint Platon Aivazides

16. Saint Nahum

The Divine Office for this feast is here.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
Saints of Kastoria, land of the divinely-possessed, Menas, divine Iakovos, Nahum, Kosmas Aitolos, Athonites Dionysios and Nektarios, with wise Nikanoros, revered Theodosios, and blameless Hierarch, may we obtain their entreaties, to God the much-compassionate.