September 21, 2018

Holy Martyr Eusebius

St. Eusebius the Martyr (Feast Day - September 21)


The impious slew Eusebius with a sword,
He who lived piously and was a friend of Christ.

Saint Eusebius appeared of his own free will before the prefect of Phoenicia, and said to him: "What senseless deed are you doing, O prefect, persecuting the flock of Christ?" This enraged the prefect, who ordered for the athlete of Christ to be suspended and lacerated. Then with hair cloths tied together, the wounds of his members were rubbed down. The Martyr rejoiced and was glad, as if it was someone else suffering, and not himself. This bewildered the prefect, and not knowing what to do, he ordered for his beheading. In this way the blessed one ascended into the heavens, in order to receive the unfading crown of martyrdom.