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November 30, 2023

Back in 2009, I started the Mystagogy weblog in order to post various things of my own personal interests for Orthodox Christians, not realizing that by the end of 2022 and more than 14,000 posts later, it would become an international ministry with the expanded title of the Mystagogy Resource Center consisting of, as of right now, twelve different websites.

Never did I realize I would be doing this as long as I have and produce so much material, to the point where I had to shut down this webpage now titled Orthodox Christianity Then and Now (www.johnsanidopoulos.com), which was my primary focus, and continue what I've been doing here on my other main webpage (www.mystagogyresourcecenter.com).

For this reason, I will no longer be posting anything new on this webpage, which will now just serve as an archive.

My hope soon is to gather these more than 14,000 posts and put them in some sort of order in order to have them be more accessible and easier to locate.

Till then, enjoy this archive and make sure to follow all my other websites, but especially follow www.mystagogyresourcecenter.com for my daily posts.