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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Arrest and Imprisonment of Elder Ephraim of Vatopaidi

For those who havn't followed the news of Elder Ephraim's arrest and imprisonment over the past few days, below are a few articles, mainly English, that have appeared in the news. It was reported that Elder Ephraim left Mount Athos with much joy, accompanied by his over 120 disciples at Vatopaidi Monastery and numerous other clergy, monks and abbots. He said "Don't feel sad for me, for I am a monk and in the hands of the Panagia, as I have always been. Feel sad for those who caused this." The bells of the Monastery rang in celebration as Elder Ephraim left the Holy Mountain for his jail cell in Athens, where many Metropolitans and clergy visited him and thousands of faithful are supporting him.

A Hagiorite Monk Is Being Sent To Prison For ‘Accusations’ They Cannot Prove!

The Holy Community of Mount Athos Stands By Elder Ephraim of Vatopaidi

Guardian of Holy Virgin's Belt from Mt. Athos Decides To Go To Jail

Greek Abbot Jailed Pending Trial Over Land Scandal Probe That Cost Ministers Their Jobs

Cypriot Abbot To Be Held Behind Bars in Greece

Greek Monk On His Way To Jail

Photos of Elder Ephraim Leaving Mount Athos

Photos and Video of Protests Supporting Elder Ephraim

Russian Orthodox Rise in Defense of Arrested Vatopedi Monk

Patriarch Kirill Asks Greek President To Release Vatopedi Monastery Superior From Custody

Vatopedi Monk in Jail as Minister Warns 'Meddlers'

Archimandrite Yefrem's Arrest Violates European Human Rights Court's Decisions - Russian Foreign Ministry

Greece Jails Abbot Ephraim in Mount Athos Fraud Case

Father Ephraim - Prisoner of Cell 2 in the Koridallos Prison

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