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Monday, October 21, 2019

Holy Newly-Appeared Martyrs Andrew, Stephen, Paul and Peter

Sts. Andrew, Stephen, Paul and Peter the Martyrs (Feast Day - October 21)


You had three crowned with you O Stephen,
Who contested with you by the same sword.

The Holy Newly-Appeared Martyrs Andrew, Stephen, Paul and Peter met their end by the sword.

These Holy Martyrs are called "Newly-Appeared" because it is believed they were martyred during the Iconoclast persecution of Emperor Constantine Copronymos. The identity of these Holy Martyrs is not known, though one speculation says that the Andrew mentioned is Saint Andrew of Krisis, who is commemorated alone on October 17th. The other three could be monks who were martyred with him at the time, as the iambic verses indicate, or even notable martyrs from the period like Stephen the New, Paul of Kaiouma and Peter the Stylite, who are all commemorated on their own at different times.

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