March 2, 2019

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Hesychios the Senator

St. Hesychios the Senator (Feast Day - March 2)


Hesychios sunk in the waters of the river,
Thus escaping the river of fire.
On the second Hesychios hastened to ascend to the heavens.

The Holy Martyr Hesychios* contested during the reign of Emperor Maximian in the year 302. He was ranked first in the imperial palace and in the Senate, and was a magistrianus by office. When Maximian ordered that all Christians who were imperial soldiers ought to be deprived of their belts (which were a sign of their imperial merit) and live as civilians and without honor, many Christians preferred to live without any outward honor due to this lawless order than to be honored and lose their soul. Saint Hesychios was numbered with these Christians as well. When the emperor heard this, he ordered that the Saint ought to be stripped of the expensive clothes which he used to wear, and be dressed with a shabby mantle without sleeves woven from hair, and to consort with women as one who was disgraced and disdained.

When this had been carried out, the emperor invited him and asked him: "Aren't you ashamed, Hesychios, that you lost the honor and office of magistrianus and that you have been debased to this kind of life? Or maybe you don't know that the Christians, whose way of life you preferred, have no power to restore you to your previous great honor and office?" The Saint replied: "Your honor, O emperor, is temporary but the honor and glory which Christ gives is eternal and without end."

Because of these words the emperor got angry and ordered his men to tie a great millstone around the Saint's neck and then to throw him in the midst of the river Orontus, which lies in Coele-Syria and which is commonly called Oronge. Thus, the blessed one received the crown of martyrdom from the Lord. 


* The Menaion contains hymns to this Saint for Vespers and Matins on March 2nd, but he was not included in the Synaxarion until St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite included him, where he composed his life as well, to prevent him from being confused with the St. Hesychios celebrated on May 10th.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Thou didst fling away the honurs of the world, and joyfully profess the glory of Christ. In the power of the Spirit thou didst endure shame, as though it were an honour, and meet death by drowning, O glorious Hesychios, to rejoice forever with Christ the Wellspring of life.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Second Tone
Thou didst follow in the athletes' footsteps, and ascend to God, deified by His love. Thou didst prove to be equal with the assembly of martyrs on high, in renouncing all things passing. When thou wast cast into the river, thou didst attain to the Source of Living Waters, Holy Athlete Hesychios/ fervent intercessor for the faithful.