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February 10, 2016

St. Haralambos and the Earthquake That Struck Pyrgos, Elis in 1996

By Angeliki Gialypsos

I don't know if the last miracle of Saint Haralambos in Pyrgos, Elis has become known, which took place during the powerful earthquake of 1996.

At the time of the earthquake, noontime, children were playing in the courtyard of the Church of Saint Haralambos. One of the children saw a priest with a long beard making two movements with his hands, as if cutting something in the air.

When the parish priest came, he told him what he saw. Then the parish priest, wanting to confirm this, said to the child: "Come here and show me who it was, if you recognize anyone," and he showed the child the icons.

Immediately the child pointed to Saint Haralambos, recognizing him to be the priest he had seen. This event was verified scientifically, in that seismologists argued that the earthquake had been cut in half, that is, it took place in two intervals. If this had not taken place, we would have mourned victims. Great is His Grace, wondrous is God in His saints!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.