December 20, 2019

Saint Ignatius, Archimandrite of the Kiev Caves Lavra (+ 1434)

St. Ignatius the Archimandrite of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - December 20)

A brief biography of Ignatius is known from the inscription rewritten in the 17th century from his tombstone: "The Monk Ignatius, Archimandrite of the Caves, for his holy life, gained the gift of miracles from God and healed many of his sick people with his prayers, and he was given the taste of the prosphora that he served. By death here is laid the body, and the soul is in heaven with Christ, and prays for us."

In the general service to the Kiev Caves Saints, it says of him: “Ignatius, the monastic shepherd and healer of the sick, in our infirmities you help us by your reverence, therefore let us offer song of praise unto your memory” (Ode 1 of the Canon).

He was buried in the Far (Theodosiev) Caves. A biochemical examination of the Saint's relics carried out in 1982, showed that he died at approximately 60 years old.

The commemoration of Venerable Ignatius was established in the 19th century on December 20 because of his namesake, the Hieromartyr Ignatius the God-Bearer.