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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saints Ananias and Solochonos, Archbishops of Ephesus

Sts. Ananias and Solochonos of Ephesus (Feast Day - December 1)


Two shepherds died of one flock,
And both went to one place abroad.

Like Saint Onesimus, who we also commemorate today, both Saints Ananias and Solochonos (or Solochon) are unidentified Archbishops of Ephesus. This is not surprising, since we only know of twenty-five Bishops of Ephesus. Some say there are copyist errors with both of these Saints; Ananias is confused with Ananias of Persia also commemorated today, while Solochonos is the same as Solomon the Archbishop of Ephesus commemorated on December 2nd.

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