March 22, 2018

Holy Martyrs Kalliniki and Vasilissa

Sts. Kalliniki and Vasilissa (Feast Day - March 22)


Kalliniki was beheaded with Vasilissa,
The right-victorious queens of the heavens.

Saints Kalliniki and Vasilissa were from Galatia. Because Vasilissa was pious and wealthy, she would give her helper in good works Kalliniki money in order to bring aid to the imprisoned Christians, who suffered during the persecution of Emperor Gallus (251-253). By doing this they hoped to give strength and courage and in turn to secure the blessed prayers of these holy confessors.

One day Kalliniki was arrested, and she was questioned from where she received the money that provided aid to the imprisoned. Because she was not able to lie, she told them about Vasilissa. Saint Vasilissa was therefore arrested also, and they were both brought before the tribunal of the governor.

Both boldly confessed Christ and were therefore put to torture to persuade them to renounce Christ and sacrifice to the idols. Unable to be persuaded, they were both beheaded, and in this way they were victorious over the devil and received crowns of martyrdom in the Kingdom of God.