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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saint Moses the Ethiopian Resource Page

Holy Abba Moses the Ethiopian (Feast Day - August 28)


You affirmed the saying and died, Moses the Black,
"Men see with the eyes, God with the heart."
You were buried on the twenty-eighth Moses the Ethiopian.

The Life of Abba Moses the Ethiopian

Saint Moses the Ethiopian According to Sozomen

The Sayings of Abba Moses the Ethiopian

Additional Tales and Sayings of Abba Moses the Ethiopian in the 'Apophthegmata'

Seven Precepts For An Assured Salvation

Saint Moses the Ethiopian as a Model for our Lives

The Relics of Saint Moses the Ethiopian in Nitria

Monastery of Saint Moses the Ethiopian in Syria

The Wooden Church of Saint Moses Murin the Black in South Butovo of Moscow

Concerning the Alleged End-Time Prophecy of Abba Moses the Ethiopian

Coptic Movie About St. Moses the Ethiopian (video)

Announcement of Motion Picture About St. Moses the Black

Commemoration of the Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch by Saint Philip

Black People in Byzantine Society

Black People and the Kingdom of Heaven

Ascetic Behavior and Colorful Language: Stories About Ethiopian Moses

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