December 19, 2015

Saints Elias, Probus and Ares the Martyrs

Sts. Ares, Probus and Elias (Feast Day - December 19)


To Ares
Ares was truly brave before the fire,
Noetically Ares carries the weapons of faith.

To Probus and Elias
You were beheaded by the sword in your contest,
With swift zeal Probus and Martyr Elias.

These Saints were from Egypt and were going to Cilicia in order to minister to the Martyrs there. When they arrived in Ashkelon they were seized and brought before the governor Firmilianus. After confessing their faith in Christ, they were cruelly tortured. Ares completed his martyrdom by being cast into the flames, while Probus and Elias were beheaded.