September 29, 2013

7 Sayings of Saint George Karslides (+ 1959)

- "God cares for everyone. Despair is basically a lack of faith"

- "The Panagia does not want big candles, she wants mercy shown to the poor."

- The Elder said that what saves man is "the good works of God: humility, obedience, love, and mercy."

- He said to a woman he met at the monastery: "What? You go to church every day and have not forgiven your children?"

- "Do not sit at the hour of the Divine Liturgy. Your mind should not fly here and there. As long as you are in church make the decision to devote all of the time to prayer."

- "Do not think only about what to eat, what to wear, how large a house you will build. Knock on the doors of the poor, the sick, the orphans. Prefer more the houses of the sad rather than happy. If you do good works, you will have a large reward from God. You will be made worthy to see miracles, and in the other life you will have endless jubilation."

- "The Christian who loves all people has a great reward, especially if he forgives those who do him evil. For if we don't love our neighbor, all the good works we do will be worthless. They amount to nothing, we will be worthless. Love, my brethren. God requires love from us."