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October 30, 2012

Hidden Reliquary Found in Constanta, Romania

A reliquary with relic fragments of ten saints was found in the belfry of the Holy Church of Saint Demetrios in the Romanian city of Constanta, as announced by the press office of the Holy Archdiocese of Romania.

The reliquary is accompanied by a document in Greek which has the signature of the lawyer of the Vatopaidi Skete of St. Demetrios, proving their authenticity. The date on which this was donated to the Romanian church is 18 April 1936.

In the words of the priest of the Holy Church of Saint Demetrios, Fr. Ilie Petre, someone hid the relics, probably in the 60's, to guard them against the communist authorities.

From the document the reliquary contains the relics of Saints Constantine and Helen, St. James the Iberian, St. Philemon the Apostle, St. Theodore the New Martyr, St. Modestos, Saint Barbara, the Holy Unmercenaries, St. Tryphon, St. Theoktisti, and an anonymous saint.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos