June 9, 2012

The Appearance of the Theotokos to a Greek Sergeant in 1941

T.T. 712 on 3 March 1941
The Sergeant Nicholas Gatsaros


The 1/40 Regiment of Ezones

In reference to the appearance of the Holy Mother of God and what she said to me.

I take this opportunity to inform you that yesterday, Sunday, March 2, 1941, at about 8 p.m., I was walking adjacent to the army encampment of the Second Regiment that was on a small elevation of about 300 meters high. I suddenly felt the need to move from where I was standing. A mysterious force appeared to move me in a specific direction. The wind had stopped blowing and it was a clear starlight night. In returning to my tent, I had not taken ten steps when suddenly a demure woman dressed in black appeared before me and blocked my path. I could see her face in the dim light. I was startled by this vision. When I recovered from this unexpected encounter, I realized from the history of the Church that the Panagia often appears to people either in visions, during sleep or during the military operations of our country.

I, a military engineer, knelt before her in order to kiss her hand. My emotions overwhelmed me and I began to cry. My feet and my lips were trembling for a long time. I then heard her speak to me:

“I am the Panagia.” She said, “Do not be afraid my child. I have appeared here to tell you three things that you should never forget.

1. This war was declared arrogantly without provocation by Italy against Greece. It is my will that Greece be victorious in this war.

2. This war has been declared against Greece so that the world will learn that it is being caused because the world is distancing itself from the Christian Faith. The Church’s holy mission has been blasphemed and condemned. The world has been moving toward immorality and debauchery and it must change its ways. It must learn that God exists and rules everything. Profound proof of this reality is the frequent miracles that are performed by the Saints of the Church of Christ.

3. The world must learn that justice will always prevail over force.

Tell and write all these things to the commanding officer so that they will not be misunderstood, since the Greek Army is under my protection and it will be victorious.”

The Panagia suddenly disappeared and my eyes became blinded. When I finally recovered a little, I immediately went to my tent where I told everyone what had happened to me.

Nicholas Gatsaros

After this appearance of the Panagia, all the soldiers gave donations to build a Church to the Panagia on the spot where she appeared.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos