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October 12, 2010

Mormonism: The False Religion of Deception and Control

By Tricia Erickson

Mormonism has become one of the largest and richest religions in the world. The “CEO’s who are the present and former “Prophets” and the executive management team who are the former and present “Twelve Apostles”, run one of the largest and most deceptive corporations in the world. I choose to refer to the prophets and the apostles of the Mormon Church as the heads of the Corporation. To this day there has not been a full accounting for the churches finances. No disclosure of where, how and by whom all of this estimated 7 billion plus dollars per year is spent. The church assets are in the billions but the church authorities do not see the need to let its members, from whence the money came from, know where their money is going, nor do these blind faith believers even ask.

While the government is out there shaking down all kinds of businesses for crimes like fraud, deceptive business practices, corporate greed, lying to the SEC and to the tax man, unfair trade practices, lack of corporate compliance, scams and schemes, the Mormon corporation seems to have an open range to graze on any consumer who will buy their concepted product.

We all know that this type of mechanism exists in the religious realm of the world, but it amazes me that most of the world has not awakened to the false religion of Mormonism. The reason may be because Mormons are so nice. They do not partake of alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes and caffeine because their “Word of Wisdom” proclamation prohibits the consumption of these products. We also may have noticed that Mormons have a milquetoast appearance. They usually dress conservatively and their clothes are neatly pressed and clean. There seems to be more blond families in the church then brunettes, Black Americans, Asians and other races. The company image put out to the public is the image of family values, health, and the stepford style of perfection. So what could be wrong with this picture? Where do I begin?

I must confess that I was born and raised as a full-fledged Mormon. In fact, I was a Mormon Bishop’s daughter. Yes, my clothes were clean and pressed, and my Super- Mom made most of them by hand. I was one of five family value poster children. I went to Sunday school class and Church services every Sunday. I went to “Mutual” every Wednesday night. I endured the indoctrination of seminary at 6:00am every morning for many months before school. All of the children in my family and my Bishop Dad and my Bishop’s wife, Mom, were the perfectly attractive image of what every poster Mormon family should be.

My parents, as well as just about all Mormon parents, went to great lengths to make sure that we did not socialize with non-Mormons by design, because we could have heard the truth elsewhere. My parents tried their best to make sure that all of our friendships, relationships and marriages were within the Mormon community. It is so true that when human beings are raised in a cult or join a cult that the strange doctrine which would look so bizarre from out side of the cult, looks so normal from inside of the cult. Mormon’s teach that they have special knowledge that outsiders do not have, and have claimed through history that the Mormon religion is the one and only true religion on the earth. However, the good Lord blessed me, even as a child, with a critical thinking spirit that literally saved me in to the truth. I pray every day for the Lord to deliver my son, my brother and my nephew and their wives and children out of the blindness and mind control of this cult.

My heart goes out to the good people of the Mormon Church. These are people who are working so hard to do “good works” in order to attain a place in the highest of their three degrees of heaven in order to become Gods of their own heavenly kingdoms and continue to populate their kingdoms by having eternal sex and birthings of spirit children. Their three heavens are named the telestial, the terrestrial and the celestial kingdoms. The celestial kingdom is the heaven that all Mormons aim for in order to become celestial Gods. If they work hard enough in the Mormon Church, and do enough good works, they will make it. If they don’t do so well, they will end up in the terrestrial kingdom, which isn’t so bad. However, if they really do poorly, they will end up in the telestial kingdom which is not a piece of cake, but they can possibly earn their way out of there and move up a notch after a period of time. Joseph Smith revealed all of this to his followers because, as a prophet, he stated that God revealed this and much more to him. There was no room for questioning of his revelations, or his sanity, for that matter. He said that God spoke through him, and who would question God?

Yes, this is what they believe. If this is shocking to you, let me continue.

I am going to make a bold, yet true statement that will not set will with every Mormon that reads this article so hold on to your hat because the lid needs to be blown off of this monster. THE MORMON RELIGION WAS FORMED BY JOSEPH SMITH (the first self proclaimed prophet of the Mormon Church) FOR THE REASON OF CREATING A RELIGION THAT WOULD ENABLE HIM TO FEED HIS SEX ADDICTION. Yes, this self proclaimed prophet had a vision in which two angels from heaven came to him and gave him Golden Plates which had the “only true religion” written on them. These plates were encrypted in some form of Egyptian hieroglyphic language that no one in the world could read or translate at that time, except Joseph. Are you following me?

You see, before these angels supposedly appeared to Joseph, he was known around town to be, what you call, a seer. Joseph traveled through the streets telling people mystical things, their fortunes and divine revelations by looking through a seer stone. In reality, this is a form of witchcraft and the source of this power certainly does not come from above. Joseph also used his stone to find gold and hidden treasures.

Young Joseph took these plates, and as the story goes, he put his head down in to a hat with a seer stone and translated these tablets into what we know now to be The Book of Mormon. While doing this he convinced two other men to believe that they saw his same vision in order that they could tell others of their telepathic witnessing of this mystical and historical event. When this Book of Mormon was completed, one might say that this book was a mysterious counterfeit of the King James Version of the Bible with Joseph’s prophetic writings strategically integrated into the text in order to form a religion that would suit his purposes.

In this Book of Mormon, Joseph wrote of an entire lost tribe of Indians who were supposed to be decedents of the Israelites. This supposed lost tribe wondered, via a ship, to the United States around 589BC. Joseph proclaimed that there were great wars fought by this tribe on American soil. Yet, there is not one piece, I repeat, not one shred of archeological evidence existing to back these outrageous claims. We Americans know our history, and we know wars. If a war were fought on our soil, there would be archeological evidence, not to mention evidence of the mere existence of this tribe that roamed our continent. But because the prophet Joseph Smith said it, wrote it and was God’s spokesperson, it just had to be true.

At least much of the Bible, which is the most historically accurate book in the world, has been documented by archeological evidence and the evidence continues to be excavated out of the ground.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of unsubstantiated claims in the Book of Mormon, as well as additional books written by Joseph Smith, combined with other writings, preaching and teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith and the prophets and leaders of the church to follow through the years.

In the 1830’s, Joseph Smith claimed to receive a revelation from God mandating that he must take many wives. Joseph told women that he was a prophet of God and the establisher of the only true religion in the universe. Joseph told his future wives that God revealed to him that he should marry them. Joseph was not satisfied with just the single and available women. He also went after the wives and children of other men. He was so bold as to tell his apostles that God revealed to him that he should also have their wives. Additionally, Joseph took children who were barely in their teens as wives who were daughters of his followers. Joseph revealed to his male followers that they should be engaged in plural marriages only if he gave them permission to do so. The revelation also stated that the wives would not be able to enter heaven unless their husbands called them in, which put great pressure on the wives to be good and obedient to these enlightened men.

Joseph Smith’s successor, Brigham Young, continued to lead his followers in polygamy. The Mormons claim they were persecuted and had to flee to Utah. Well, is this any surprise? The Mormons preached false religious doctrine and were going in to communities and taking the community’s women and daughters with them, via polygamous marriages! Polygamy was also against the law. Is it persecution to run a group of people away who are trying to take your wives and young daughters into plural marriages? The Mormons painted themselves as the victims, when, in truth, they were the predators.

The Mormons were not helpless saints. They had their own armies. One of these armies was called the Danities. The Danities were called the Avenging Angels. They went around castrating men, within their own religious system who would rise up against the insanity as well as others who would try to leave the cult. These soldiers committed thousands of maimings and murders while the Mormons were crying that they were a persecuted people. Yes, this was a form of persecution, but the persecution was from within their own controlling ranks. You will not find many Mormons today who have heard of this Council of 50 secret police within their organization. The hierarchy of the Mormon Church goes to great lengths to keep their members from the truth.

The church now denounces polygamy, as if it is now a bad thing. But in the past, they say, polygamy was all-good because God ordained it through his prophets in order to build up a righteous community. I guess they did not want to evangelize new converts like most religions do by just approaching the people that existed. The church makes it sound like there were no other people on the planet so the Mormons had no choice but to take on many wives. The revelation also stated that these wives were sealed to these men throughout eternity and would still be married to them in heaven. It was said that Joseph was sealed to 200 plus women for time and all eternity. They all had to rely on Joseph to call them in to heaven and if he didn’t call them, they didn’t get in.

Are you getting an idea of how twisted this all is? This one man, Joseph Smith, was the corner stone of the Mormon Religion. He was the author, founder, originator, leader and President of the Mormon Church. This entire religion was based on sex, control, deception, false prophets and false prophesies. To this day you can visit any Mormon church “fast and testimony meeting” in which you can witness Mormon after Mormon chanting “I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church) is the one and only true church and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God”. Like cookie cutter programmed husbands, wives and children, one after another saying the same thing for 60 minutes while fasting for 24 hours.

You might say to yourself, if this is all true, how in the world could anyone believe in this religion? Well, I’m glad that you asked.

The Mormon corporation has the best marketing program known to man, the missionary program. From the time a young man, and some young women, in the Mormon Church are babies, their parents program them by telling them that when they come of age, they will have the privilege of serving the church as a missionary to convert people to the one and only true church. Just about every young man knows that when he graduates from high school not to plan to go to college until he has served a two-year mission for the church. The parents or other supportive Mormons cover most of the expenses for these young soldiers to bring in thousands and thousands of converts who will ultimately pay 10% of the gross of their income to the Mormon Corporation. It’s brilliant! The church has thousands of these cheap labor missionaries all over the world, knocking on doors to bring the only true gospel to hundreds of thousands of people. This marketing plan is far more superior than any advertising executive could have ever dreamed of. Brainwash these young and innocent minds, send them on a mission where they ride bicycles because the church is too cheap to give most of them cars, direct them to knock on millions of doors for two years and rake in the cash.

Now this “mission” concept may not seem so bad if these missionaries were true servants of the Lord and were sent out to help the homeless, feed the needy, cloth the poor or dig water wells in India. It would not seem to bad even if they were sent out to bring people to God in order that they can receive salvation. But how can you receive salvation from God when your religion teaches that you will become a God, yourself? This is blasphemy to the Lord. The scriptures clearly state that there are/were no Gods before, and will be no Gods after the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit which make up one God. The bible teaches that we are to humble ourselves to the Lord and that there should be no idols or other Gods before us.

The Mormon religion claims that Jesus was born a mere mortal man who was predestined because he was the Son of God. The Mormon twist is that because of Jesus’ good works, he worked himself into Godship. In other words, if Mormons do enough good things in their lives and become perfect, Mormons believe that they, too, can become Gods also as Jesus became God. Can you believe this? One of the biggest No No’s to God are prideful people who want to become God’s themselves. This is idolatry and self-elevation. The Bible is clear that we are to humble ourselves as servants of the one and only God. This is very dangerous territory for the Mormons who fully believe they are going to heaven.

Can you get to heaven when you deny the deity of Christ by stating that Christ was a mere man, like all of us, who achieved Godhood through his good works and that the Mormons can do the same? This is the denial of the deity of Christ through false theology which is an anti-Christ distortion of the facts.

The Bible affirms that Jesus came to earth as God wrapped in human flesh. That there was never a time that Jesus Christ was not God and that Jesus was always God who was sent to earth to atone for our sins so that we could be saved and live with him in heaven. Jesus came to the earth to save us from the lake of fire that is also called Hell, which is for an eternity with no passes out.

I cannot end this article without revealing what the Mormons do in their temples. As I mentioned, I was the daughter of a Mormon Bishop. When young Mormons marry, it is expected that they will get married in a Mormon Temple so that you can be sealed to your mate for time and all eternity.

I was one of these young Mormons who got married in the Mormon Temple when I was 19 years old. Even though I did not fully believe in this church, because my dad was a Bishop, I had to get married in the temple. I was not prepared in any way for what I experienced in that ceremony.

I carried my beautiful white velvet wedding dress in to the temple. I was thinking that this was going to be wonderful because the temple was such a beautiful place. My husband to be, who is now an ex-husband, went through one entrance for men and I went through another entrance for the women. The women took me to a locker where I hung my dress. They brought a bowl of water mixed with lavender oil and set it at my feet. They asked me to take off ALL of my clothes. I had to completely disrobe in front of these female strangers. I was very uncomfortable and my mother had not mentioned anything about this. They proceeded to wash my entire body with this water. They were touching me with the washcloth and my mind was going a thousand miles an hour. I endured the washing. Then they brought out underwear they called temple garments that looked like long johns with short sleeves and were cut off a few inches above the knees. These garments had three markings on them, one on each breast and one at the navel. The garments had an opening at the bottom area which would enable me to go to the bathroom without taking them off. They told me that I was to wear these garments at all times.

After this process, they allowed me to put my wedding gown on. I was led in to a small room where a man married us for time and all eternity. We were then led into a small auditorium type of room where the men sat on the right side and the women sat on the left side. We were told to put a green leaf apron on (something to do with the Garden of Eden) and to put a green sash over our shoulders. A man came to the front and asked us to stand and say, as a group, what he told us to say and to do what he told us to do. So here we all were, chanting the words he led us to say, and making signs with our arms and hands.

Most Mormons do not know that Joseph Smith was formerly a Mason. Mormons don’t realize that most of the signs in the Mormon Temple ceremony are of “Free Masonry” and are not symbols from the Lord.

The signs were very violent. Please bear with me because this was a long time ago and I was in some form of shock to be participating in such a bizarre ceremony. These signs and chantings took on more of a form of control and witchcraft than what was supposed to be a Godly experience. What Mormons don’t understand is when going through this ceremony, vows are made to intimidate them into secrecy. What I am doing now by revealing these secrets was demonstrated in the ceremony as being punishable by death. We were led to make signs that meant that if we ever spoke of the ceremony, we would be killed. We were led to make a sign with our thumbs that went from the left ear through our neck to the right ear, symbolizing the slashing of our throats. We were also led to make a sign with our hands of slashing out stomachs and bending forward for our guts to fall out if we spoke of these secrets. The entire ceremony continued with these intimidating and mind controlling rituals.

I could not wait to get out of there! It’s truly the strangest and most uncomfortable thing that I have ever gone through in my entire life.

Please understand that Mormons are scared, literally to death, to leave the church after these ceremonies. They truly believe that if they talk about it, they might die. It is important to understand that if you are threatened in this way to secrecy or forced into secrecy in this manner, there is something terribly wrong. There is something terribly wrong with any church or cult that has you do and say things that are to be kept in the darkness of secrecy. A church should be transparent and open to the light. This is a flagrant form of control in order to keep Mormons in the cult. This is also a way to keep the members of the Mormon Church in the church for a lifetime for the purpose of collecting 10% of their income, which leads us to the marketing plan. One of the laws Mormons strictly follow is the faithful giving of 10% of the gross of their income to the church. Now, I’m not one to tell anyone not to tithe, however, if you tithe to a false religion that is not accountable to anyone as to how the money is spent and to who the money, the real-estate and the holdings belong to, would not this give a clear minded person pause?

I attend a church where meetings are held specifically for the purpose of letting the members know where every penny they put into the church goes. There is nothing to hide. This church has the policy of full disclosure to its members, as it should be. They put their money back in to tangible programs which help the physically and mentally disabled, inner city kids, clothing for the poor, food programs to feed the hungry, ministries for battered women, for men and women coming out of sexual bondage, for people who are grieving for the loss of loved ones, divorce recovery groups, even motorcycle ministries and more.

In other words, this church places the money back in to people of the churches hands through ministries and outreaches. My church only owns the building that the church is housed in. My church does not own billions of dollars of property and receivables. When you ask any Mormon the question, “Why does the Mormon church own so much real-estate in Hawaii and many other places around the globe?” The Mormon cannot answer that question. They are stumped. So, my friends, I will ask the question for all. WHERE DO THE BILLIONS GO AND WHY DOES THE CHURCH OWN SO MUCH REALESTATE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHURCH OR ITS MEMBERSHIP? I would challenge any really good investigative reporter to investigate.

The Mormon hierarchy’s agenda is to counterfeit themselves in to main-stream Christendom in order to acquire more recruits from the Christian community. Mormons are not Christian. They use the name of Jesus Christ to spread their false theology in order to make money.

In closing, I want to say that the members of the Mormon Church are usually very good people. They are trying so hard to do what is right and to live up to the standards the church has laid out for them. As in any cult, they really don’t understand what they are truly involved in. I pray for the day when the darkness of this church comes in to the light and is exposed for all to see, to set the captives free.