June 22, 2009

Proof For the Apollo Moon Landing Missions

JAXA’s Kaguya has 3-D images of the landing sites for Apollo 15 and 17. Without contemporary 3-D technology this picture would be impossible and the landscape would have remained unknown in the early 1970's.

When I was first presented evidence in favor of a moon landing conspiracy, I found it pretty convincing that we may in fact never landed on the moon. I wasn't totally convinced, but it opened me up to the possibility. NASA refused to respond to these doubts which were increasing among the American public. At one point between 40-60% of all Americans expressed doubts the moon landing never occurred. Since NASA refused to respond I looked into independent sources to prove whether or not the Apollo missions were real. It seems we may finally have received definitive proof that the Apollo moon landings were indeed real thanks to photographs from Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter.

Despite what PRAVDA says, here is a good video that may put the nail in the coffin of moon landing conspiracies (and the thousands of websites supporting this view):