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The Mystagogy Resource Center began in 2009 as a small personal weblog run by John Sanidopoulos, and today it is internationally known and acclaimed due to its presentation of relevant and timeless material having to do with life and thought from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

In seeking to expand the ministry of the Mystagogy Resource Center online and beyond, besides being primarily supported by donations, it was decided to also allow advertising on to help in this endeavor, and in turn provide other Orthodox Christian ministries the opportunity to become better known through our common target audience. Whether you are an Orthodox Christian ministry, business, parish, group or have an event you want to market, all are welcome to submit a request for space!

The Mystagogy Resource Center is a growing ministry with daily updates and a respected reputation. We have an average of over 130,000 visitors monthly, with thousands of followers both in social media and a mailing list. Most of our visitors go on to view other pages on our site. The topics posted on a daily basis are widely distributed and discussed, and our readers are enthusiastic supporters. The vast majority of our readers are in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, Greece and Eastern Europe, but we have daily visits from even the most remote parts of the earth.

The ad unit sizes are requested to be approximately 430px X 80px (PNG, GIF or JPG) or smaller, and we ask that you provide your own banners. The standard placement for all our ads will be beneath the posts, while for an additional fee we will place ads at the top of the page which is known as a premium placement. The cost for a standard placement is $50 a month while for a premium placement it is $100 a month. Other possible options are available. There is no contract or obligation. Depending on what you are offering through your ad, you will find that in most cases the ads will pay for themselves and then some.

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