Sunday, November 20, 2011

Faster Than Light Neutrinos Confirmed For Now, Contra Einstein

At MSNBC’s “Cosmic Log” (November 17, 2011), Alan Boyle tells us,

"Researchers say new tests have confirmed earlier indications that neutrinos can travel faster than light, but not everyone is convinced.

The claim runs so counter to a century’s worth of physics that most observers won’t be content until the findings from the OPERA experiment are repeated under a variety of conditions, by different teams of researchers. If the results hold up, that would require a reinterpretation of Albert Einstein ’s special theory of relativity, which effectively sets the velocity of light in a vacuum as a cosmic speed limit."

Human nature working overtime:

"An unnamed source on the OPERA team told ScienceInsider that the controversy over the faster-than-light findings was exhausting. 'Everyone should be convinced that the result is real, and they are not,' the source was quoted as saying."

Well, as we have said before, if Einstein can be wrong, physics is a science, not a revelation from on high. And which would physicists rather it be?

If physics were run like Darwinism, they would have settled the problem weeks ago by saying that Einstein really had predicted it. And his theory really does cover it. And you just shut up or else.

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