Friday, March 18, 2011

Podcast: Before Grace - Saints of the Old Testament

In this Great Lent Series for iEcclesia, the official podcast of the Department of Youth and Internet Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada), I was interviewed by host Patricia Rackopoulos on the topic "Before Grace - Saints of the Old Testament".

Apparently there was some noise interference during the podcast and a few parts here and there became cut, which is why there are some cut off moments and background noise.

Listen to the podcast here. (Transcript available through Mystagogy Bookstore.)

Summary of Podcast:

From Adam and Eve, we have some famous characters in the Old Testament. The program begins with host Patricia asking our guest to discuss which figure he believes had the most profound impact. Next, John offers a comparison on the spiritual state/condition of the Old Testament believers and the Christians of the New Testament. We usually hear of the holy men of the Old Testament (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, Job, Jonah, etc.). The discussion continues with a word on what famous women can Christians see as examples of faith. The title of the podcast is, "Before Grace: The Old Testament Saints". The period of "Grace" began with the coming of Jesus Christ. Before then, the people of God were guided by the Law and prophets. Patricia asks if there's a profound difference in approaches to God or if it is the same message preached differently. The program concludes with thoughts on how these Saints were able to get their message across to those who believed in the Truth in a period of history where communication did not exist in the same way as it does now.
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